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D-Fend Reloaded 1.3.4


D-Fend Reloaded is a graphical environment for DOSBox. DOSBox emulates a complete computer including the DOS commandline and allows to run nearly all old DOS based games on modern hardware with any of the newer Windows versions.


With DOSBox there is no need to worry about memory managers or free conventional RAM, but the setup of DOSBox is still a bit complicated. The configuration of DOSBox via textbased setup files might be difficult for beginners. D-Fend Reloaded may help and create these files for you. Additionally the D-Fend Reloaded installation package contains DOSBox (including all lanuage files currently available), so there is only one installation to be run and no need to link D-Fend Reloaded with DOSBox manually.


Version 1.3.4 (26/08/2013)

  • Updated Korean language file.
  • Updated French and French Canada language files.
  • Updated DOSZip from 2.44 to 2.48.
  • Added options to set sound volulme for multiple profiles at once to the multiple profiles editor.
  • Setting the font properties for the preview area now will also apply to the notes text input field.
  • Extracting and creating archive files can be canceled now.
  • Now also data files for which there is an user-defined interpreter can be added by drag&drop.
  • The screenshot thumbnails in the preview area of the D-Fend Reloaded program window will be cached now so the screenshot images will not need to be scaled down each time the screenshot previews will be displayed.




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