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Speccy 1.9.13


Speccy is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer emulator. It will run software written for Spectrum 16k, 48k, 128k, +2, +2A, +3, Timex Sinclair, Pentagon, and Skorpion home computers. Features:

  • Specifically optimized for Android devices, using ARM assembler and running at the same speed as a real Spectrum.
  • Full screen portrait mode emulation, with options for simulating TV scanlines and fuzzy TV display.
  • Records soundtrack to MIDI files.
  • Includes both physical and touch screen keyboard support.
  • Supports snapshots (*.sna, *.z80).
  • Supports loading from tapes (*.tap, *.tzx files), with authentic tape sounds.
  • Supports TR-DOS and a variety of other disk image formats (*.trd, *.scl, *.fdi, *.dsk).
  • Supports 128k and Fuller sound chips.
  • Emulates Cursor, Protek, AGF, Kempston, and Sinclair Interface II joysticks, using touch screen, physical keyboard, or accelerometer.
  • Emulates Kempston mouse.
  • Emulates ZX Printer and other printers.


What's in this version:

  • Added shadows to screenshots in the World Of Spectrum browser.
  • Now exiting emulation on BACK double-click (see Settings to disable).
  • Added "Completely Delete File" to the File Selector context menu.
  • Added "Report Non-Working File" to the File Selector context menu.
  • Added configurable fast-forward speed.
  • Added automatic frame-skipping.
  • Moga analog directional pad works now.
  • Added background and entry shading to State Exchange and NetPlay selectors.






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