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Pasofami 2.14


Pasofami is a Nintendo Entertainment / Nintendo Famicom emulator and debugger for Windows. Originally making it's debut in 1995 Pasofami was one of the first Famicom emulators to come out of Japan and over time has developed a rich feature set.



(Extended from V2.10) extension of the NSF creation you can create NSF files of each song to another by selection of music from · NSF file. 

  • I can create the NSF file at any time the sound of playing in the NES file. 
  • You can be heard on NSF favorite player because there is versatility NSF file that you created. 
  • You can write to the file the sound port output of playing the NSF file or playing, of NES file (NSD file). Therefore, by reading this NSD file, you can output MP3, WAV, MID, etc. to the processing of their own. 
  • I can save to a file DMC information automatically if there is a DPCM output from the NSF / NES. 
  • is easy to operate in conjunction with the NSF player. 
  • Changed to be easy this time and that I was not able to select only one song in the last version, the operation was so troublesome.

NSF play fix ya bug

  • bug fixes of silent determination time of the song when switching · NSF player selection of enabled or disabled, silent judgment time ( added ) , maximum playing time of selection enabled or disabled (added) to · NSF extension As a result, the specifications were changed and the internal change of the screen. 

Bug fixes 

  • settings joypad input it was the state that it can not only set of keyboard-only input device settings.






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