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Yanese 0.89


Yanese is a free Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator for Windows XP,Vista, 7 and 8 under x86 and x64 processors.

What it futures:

  • NTSC, PAL, Dendy NES Emulation
  • GUI: Rom list navegable with the Keyboard and the Gamepad (if one is found). Pressing the 4 NES buttons while playing will close the game and returns to the library.
  • ROMS Library: Subdir /roms is scanned automatically if you add or delete roms.
  • Drag and Drop: Drag a .NES file to the window or to the .exe or shortcut and it will load the rom.
  • Command Line: You can pass the path of the rom via command line
  • Video Recording: Record video of what you are playing in three differents qualities. *Only* avaiblable in "Pixel Aspect Ratio" Mode.
  • Full Screen: "Alt + Enter" to toggle to fullscreen and back again. Fullscreen implies "Scale2x".
  • Volume control: Popup window with "right click" to control volume.
  • Scale2x on PPU "Pixel Aspect Ratio": This smooth pixels and shapes.
  • Gamepads: Up to 2 gamepads for playing and one for navigating the "roms" library with autodetection, pluglabble and unpluggable capabilities.
  • Mappers: MAPPER 0, UNROM, CNROM, MMC1, MMC2, MMC3, MMC4, MMC5 (partial), AOROM,  BxROM, #58, #66, #91, #118, #189, #226.


  • Scale2x: Scale2x is now available in normal mode. Before that it was available only in "Pixel Aspect Ratio".
  • Blargg's Blip Buf: The emulator now uses Blargg's Blip Buf C Code for wave form generation Thanks to Blargg and Tepples for helping me.
  • NTSC, PAL and Dendy mode: The was a bug that sometimes when you changed from PAL/Dendy to NTSC the emu de-sync the image. I think it's fixed.
  • Mappers: Added mapper 226. I WON'T apply savestates for these two crappy games it runs. I only added it becouse i tought the games could be good. They are multicart pirated games that don't deserve savestates. Since the use the CPU address bus it's needed to be"specially" change code for them. But it's such a waste. 





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