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RAINE 0.64.9


RAINE is an arcade emulator that emulates M68000 and M68020 based games

An revised emulator it's here! Raine is an emulator, it emulates some M68000 and M68020 arcade games and is mainly focused on Taito and Jaleco games hardware.

It started as an experiment with the Rainbow Islands romset, dumped by Aracorn/Romlist. Raine can emulate many nice games now, including new additions from Cave and other companies.

Sound was improved thanks to the work of Hiromitsu Shioya. More recently. Several new programmers have joined Raine Team, adding drivers & making improvements. 

Emulating cpu's and sound chips takes quite a lot of coding time, so, like most of the current emulators, Raine uses emulation engines already available when possible. 


Ok, sorry for the long delay, I thought I would have some testing for the dos binary, but it's been more than 2 weeks now, so maybe the dos version is back to sleep mode then ! Then I spent quite some time patching the openmw binary, and then there was this upload problem in 1emulation ! Anyway, I thought that after all this it would be nice to upload a final fix for the 0.64 version, I'll decide later if I make a 0.65 or not. 

Since 0.64.8-4 : The most surprising fix is for the cave driver, a crash in dfeveron with the latest gcc versions and the line scroll code was broken for most color depths (except the one used by yuv overlays : 16bpp). Except that some fixes linked to the translations and how they are displayed in the gui, some clipping issues fixed in the gui, the emudx games which don't emulate the original sound will now display a warning if you don't have the dx2 files, and a fix for cookbib, mainly for the dos version but it could be useful for the other versions...

Also I added sound commands to the bubble bobble driver, just for fun to see how it works, probably useless for most people. Maybe with some function to be able to associate a random song it could be useful to use more variety in the background music ? 

Except that the dos binary to be tested is still in its thread, I won't update the dos version anymore without any news from there. I'll upload the debian binary a little later. Actually a lot of changes were for the dos version this time, so it's a shame, but at least there were quite a few fixes useful for the others...?






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