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Agat Emulator 1.27


Agat Emulator is a Apple ][ and Agat 7/9 software simulation program for Win32.

Features include:

  • Full emulation of Agat-7, Agat-9
  • Full emulation of Apple ][, Apple ][ Plus, Apple ][ J-Plus, Apple I, Apple //e and Pravetz 82/8A
  • Optional hardware emulation (RAM cards, Mockingboard, Clocks etc).
  • Fully configurable modular target system emulation
  • Internal debugger compatible with Apple's System Monitor
  • Base support of Acorn Atom


Changes in the version 1.27

  • Fixed raw printer output to a file.
  • Added an ability to print directly to a printer connected to the PC's parallel port.
  • TOR disk image is replaced with an authentic version.
  • Fixed an error in the extended Agat-7 font.

Good luck!


Agat Emulator download | SourceForge.net





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