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Sugarbox 0.25b


Sugarbox is an Amstrad CPC emulator for Windows.


It’s bit a quite long time since last update…. So here is the new version, with some part completely rewritten.

The most important parts are the online libraries, to load disk, tape and even snpshot from the great http://amstrad.eu/ and http://www.cpc-power.com websites.

Also, display has been rewritten using SDL, offering the possibility to select fullscreen resolution. It’s now possible to use the « black frame insertion » for 100hz capable monitor users, to show buttery smooth scrooling (http://www.blurbusters.com/ may be worth a visit for people interrested with blur reduction)

Here’s the complete log :

  • [General] : Optimisations (Emulation is about 15% faster)
  • [General] : Generic Joystick are supported through Direct Input. 2 Joysticks can be used, in the order they appear in the os. Work with Xbox controler, as well as standard usb joystick.
  • [SNR] : Add feature to watch SNR file (playbacks) – Preliminary
  • [Z80] : Fixed timing issue in interrupt following some opcodes
  • [Z80] : Fixed incorrect R increment for DD CB and FD CB instructions
  • [FDC] : Fixed « Format » command. Now, a Format command from discology (for example) produce a disk that is correct.
  • [FDC] : Fixed the MSR, that was not handled correctly. This fix Bobby bearing and Camelot warriors original dsk.
  • [FDC] : Fixed the Step Rate Time computation, which was twice longe than expected
  • [FDC] : Fixed behaviour with SK bit and deleted sectors (making Nigel Mansell works)
  • [FDC] : Fixed how read track over the index hole works. The current sector is finished,then the command is ended (fix Skyx)
  • [eDSK] : Fixed an incorrect behaviour with non formatted tracks on some dump. This prevents Bobby Bearing (UK) (1986) (CPM) [Original].dsk to crash when trying to load
  • [eDSK] : Fixed some rare problematic case with offset-info datas
  • [CT-Raw] : Fixed write bug when multiple revolutions exists (which somewhere shifted what’s written, leading to CRC error). Fix « Le maitre absolu » in ct-raw format
  • [Memory] : Fixed a bug in the PAL, preventing SymbOs to use full memory.
  • [GUI] : Fixed missing space and enter for Autotype
  • [GUI] : Added a PAUSE feature, accessible via menu or the « Pause » key on the keyboard
  • [Z80] : Fixed a rare bug that can lead to potential unwanted deadlock with HALT command
  • [TAPE] : FAST loading enabled : If a tape is read, refresh are cut, so speed can be 2 to 3 time faster.
  • [Display] : SDL2 lib is now used. Fullscreen option is now better, as it can be fully configured. Also, black screen insertion for 100hz display can be used for buttery smooth scrollers
  • [Display] : Screen size and position is now more correct
  • [Display] : Screenshots are now better (and without any toolbar)
  • [Printer] : A really basic printer is now plugged ! You can see print result in the PRINT directory. (no graphical printing is done, only text)
  • [Online libraries] : Preliminary integration of CPC-Power and Amstrad.eu online libraries.







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