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RPCEmu 0.8.13


RPCemu is a RiscPC emulator for Win32. At the moment it emulates an ARM7500 class machine - basically an A7000 - or a RiscPC 600/700 with or without VRAM. It also supports two disc drives and two IDE hard drives.

RPCEmu requires a RISC OS ROM image to work.

RPCEmu should be considered Alpha Quality code. It has many known and unknown bugs, and all files used with it should be well backed up before using them with RPCEmu.


Changes in this build

  • All Platforms
    • Dynamic recompiler is no longer StrongARM specific. It supports a wider range of OSes with more processors. (RISC OS 3.50, 3.60, 3.70, 3.71, 5.22).
    • Host pointer integration (follows host mouse) now works in rectangular pixel modes (e.g. Mode 12).
    • The daylight saving time flag in CMOS should be automatically set on startup based on the timezone information from the host machine.
    • ARM Core
      • Abort handling of LDM/STM now follows the varying Abort Model of the different ARM processors.
      • LDM/STM now check for abort on each data transfer, which gives accurate abort detection.
  • Linux
    • The display now supports pixel doubling of rectangular pixel modes (e.g. Mode 12) in the same way as the Windows version.




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