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MasterGear 3.4


MasterGear (MG) is an emulator of several 8bit videogame consoles produced by SEGA: Mark3, MasterSystem, handheld GameGear, and their predecessors SG1000, SC3000, and SF7000. MG runs most games written for these consoles on a personal computer. As MG is written in a portable C programming language, it runs on many different platforms, such as desktops, palmtops, cell phones, set-top boxes, newer videogame consoles, DVD players, and even digital cameras. You can always get the latest MG binaries and support files from


Currently, MG is able to run about 98% of SMS/GG/SF7000/SC3000/SG1000 carts and disk images that I have. With the help from friends I hope to make it as close to original machines as possible and emulate some exotic peripherals such as light gun, sports pad, and GameGenie. At this moment, MG supports following features:


  • CPU (Z80)
  • MasterSystem video processor
  • GameGear video processor
  • SG1000/SC3000 video processor (TMS9918)
  • Programmable sound generator (SN76489)
  • Mark3 FM sound generator (YM2413 aka OPLL)
  • 32kB internal RAM in SC3000
  • 8kB internal RAM in MasterSystem and GameGear
  • 16kB internal VRAM
  • SC3000 keyboard
  • SF7000 floppy disk drive



  • Standard bank switching
  • CodeMasters bank switching
  • Cartridge RAM
  • Battery backed SRAM
  • Serial EEPROM (93C46) used in some GameGear ROMs
  • Localization switch between English/Japanese modes
  • Automatic localization for GameGear ROMs



  • Emulation state saving and loading
  • Automatic handling of GZIPped ROMs
  • Soundtrack logging into MIDI files
  • Built-in debugger
  • Built-in configuration menu
  • Simulated TV scanlines (Windows, MSDOS, Symbian ports)
  • Video image interpolation (Windows, MSDOS, Symbian ports)
  • Network multiplayer mode (Windows and Symbian ports)
  • Resizable window (Windows and Unix ports)
  • Full-screen mode (Windows and MSDOS ports)
  • Loadable background pictures (MSDOS port only)
  • Screen snapshots (MSDOS port only)
  • Configurable screen orientation (Symbian port only)
  • Configurable backlight control (Symbian port only)


New in This Version

  • Added special effects simulating individual pixel components.
  • Added EPX and EAGLE scaling algorithms.
  • Fixed memory corruption bug in the instant replay recorder.
  • Fixed instant replay not restoring successive states.
  • Fixed instant replay not recording the first state.
  • Merged scanline options into "Simulate Scanlines" in MG-Windows.
  • Merged scaling options into "Interpolate Video" in MG-Windows.
  • Added "Apply Color Raster" submenu to MG-Windows.
  • Added "RGB Raster" and "CMY Raster" options to MG-Windows.
  • Added "Clear File Associations" option to MG-Windows.
  • Added -rgb and -cmy command line options.
  • Added -epx and -eagle command line options.







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