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Stella 4.7


Stella is a multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Stella was originally developed for Linux by Bradford W. Mott, and is currently maintained by Stephen Anthony.

Since its original release several people have joined the development team to port Stella to other operating systems such as AcornOS, AmigaOS, DOS, FreeBSD, IRIX, Linux, OS/2, MacOS, Unix, and Windows. The development team is working hard to perfect the emulator and we hope you enjoy our effort.


4.6.7 to 4.7: (January 25, 2016)

  • Improved paddle emulation in several ways:
  • Added ability to specify the maximum range of movement for paddles when using a mouse or digital device to emulate the paddle.  This is useful since on a real console most paddle games use very little of the paddle range, and could result in moving the mouse onscreen with nothing appearing to happen (when in effect it was as if you turned a real paddle all the way to the end of the range).  This eliminates issues in (for example) Kaboom, where there was a huge 'deadzone' when moving to the left.  All applicable ROMS in the internal database have been updated.
  • The range for paddle emulation now takes an integer from 1 - 20, indicating how much to scale movement (ie, how fast the onscreen paddle will move when you move the mouse).  The movement itself is now also smoother than before.
  • Fixed bug in 'Score mode' in TIA emulation; the TIA object colours were correct, but the associated priority was sometimes incorrect.
  • Fixed bug in ROM launcher; selecting 'Options -> Game Properties' after loading a ROM would always point to the last opened ROM, not to the one currently selected.
  • Fixed bug in storing ROM properties; in some cases, a copy of the ROM properties was being stored in the external file when it was exactly the same as the internal entry.
  • Added 'CV+' bankswitching scheme, developed by myself and LS_Dracon (of AtariAge).  This scheme contains RAM like the CV scheme, and also switchable 2K ROM segments by writing to $3D.
  • Added more C++11 updates all over the codebase, and ran Stella through Coverity for the first time.  I'm proud to say that Stella now has a 0.00 defect rate!

Have fun!






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