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u80 1.b.62


U80 is a program that emulates the NEC uCOM-80 Training Kit and its surroundings

The following models are supported and need to be specified in cfg file.

  • 1-1 TK-80 / E
  • 1-2 TK-80 / E + extended memory
  • 1-3 TK-80 / E + extended memory + TV interface (NEC)
  • 1-4 TK-80 / E + extended memory + TVD-01/03 (Adtech) - 64x32 mode / 32x32 mode
  • 1-5 TK-80 / E + extended memory + TVD-02 & KB-02 (Adtech)
  • 2-1 TK-80 / E + Basic Station + extended memory (TK-M20K)
  • 2-2 TK-80 / E + Basic Station + extended memory (TK-M20K) + BS-CA01
  • 3-1 COMPO BS / 80 + extended memory (TK-M20K) + COMPO MEMORY BOARD (interface)
  • 3-2 COMPO BS / 80 + extended memory (TK-M20K) + COMPO MEMORY BOARD + BS-CA01
  • TK-80A + extended memory
  • 5 TK-85 + extended memory

U80 is free of charge a free to re-distribution.

It is written in Java and can be run in within various operating environments that support Java.

There is no in-applet

To operate the time of the program, or ROM image that was siphoned off from the real machine, there is a case BIOS program is required, which corresponds to it


Change log has been translated from Japanese into English gibberish.

[Release 1b62] Ver. 1.b.62 2016.02.27


  • Change the internal implementation of the conditional jump. It was abolished a dummy access by providing a memory acquisition route for the debugger


  • M2 of DAD, the M3 WAIT has tried to change so that it does not enter. Although represented by a reference to the document had lost so slightly different, I tried to change to ignore the WAIT Not yet been validated in actual.






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