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u80 1.b.65


U80 is a program that emulates the NEC uCOM-80 Training Kit and its surroundings

The following models are supported and need to be specified in cfg file.

  • 1-1 TK-80 / E
  • 1-2 TK-80 / E + extended memory
  • 1-3 TK-80 / E + extended memory + TV interface (NEC)
  • 1-4 TK-80 / E + extended memory + TVD-01/03 (Adtech) - 64x32 mode / 32x32 mode
  • 1-5 TK-80 / E + extended memory + TVD-02 & KB-02 (Adtech)
  • 2-1 TK-80 / E + Basic Station + extended memory (TK-M20K)
  • 2-2 TK-80 / E + Basic Station + extended memory (TK-M20K) + BS-CA01
  • 3-1 COMPO BS / 80 + extended memory (TK-M20K) + COMPO MEMORY BOARD (interface)
  • 3-2 COMPO BS / 80 + extended memory (TK-M20K) + COMPO MEMORY BOARD + BS-CA01
  • TK-80A + extended memory
  • 5 TK-85 + extended memory

U80 is free of charge a free to re-distribution.

It is written in Java and can be run in within various operating environments that support Java.

There is no in-applet

To operate the time of the program, or ROM image that was siphoned off from the real machine, there is a case BIOS program is required, which corresponds to it


Change log has been translated from Japanese into English gibberish.

u80 Release 1b65 (Version 1.b.65)



  • To adjust the LED display when you press the [RESET] of the virtual keyboard It does not work between "dynamic lighting director" you press the [RESET] There was a sense of incongruity will be hung in a state in which there is a difference in brightness Added only adjustment to align the brightness as an interim measure Directing that the stop is due to the reset process of the constraints of u80 (design) Entangled convenient feature of the unique emulator, also because there is a trade-off with other models want to re-design over time
  • When reset the LED of the state of (immediately) was adjusted
  • The protect switch commented implementation Because there is no use in u80 had Hasho' Operation of holding down the [RESET] There is also a problem that it is difficult representation It was implemented internal logic because there was incidentally to probe the circuit diagram Because the UI is not not only to just load you commented out







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