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Phoenix 2.5


Phoenix is an emulator of 3DO written by Maxim Grishin. This emulator has been developed over the course of eight years and boasts an impressive 100% comparability with all 3DO software.


  • Hardware rendering
  • Built annotations editor
  • Compressed images
  • Working with the file system images
  • Built-in debugger (debug version only)
  • External graphics filters
  • Emulation of non-standard input devices, set-top boxes (coin acceptors, pistols, Flightstick Pro)


  • Wean the BIOS emulator
  • Supports CD-ROM drive
  • Emulation Audio-CD
  • Integrate funds transfer games and work with the resources in the emulator
  • Implement watchdog timer and reset the console
  • Support for Video-CD
  • Embed the compiler of images and application development in the emulator
  • Record passes
  • Online game

Terms of Use:

Software (software) designed for personal and non-commercial use, not intended for use on the territory of the practice of patenting of algorithms and software is provided "as is" - without the explicit and implicit guarantees. The authors assume no responsibility for any loss arising from the use of this software, you use it at your own risk.


Changelog has been translated from Russian into English gibberish.

  • Involved AngleScript for texture filtering (you can make your own filters)
  • Added logging of errors for scripts and shaders (near samismi scripts will appear LOG-files)
  • Settings are made more intuitive, non-active elements are blocked
  • Now you can customize the interface style (skin folder, remove it, if you do not like it)
  • Added support for the emulator interface transfers (file translation.xml)
  • Setting the emulated CD-drive speed
  • Checks for OpenGL (if falls emulator at startup - watch opengl.log)
  • Setting per cent is accounted for traffic CEL-Engine in the quota of time
  • Improved auto-commit axes when setting the joystick
  • Fixed addition management (now possible to easily assign multiple controls on the console control, and vice versa)
  • Removed binding assignable keyboard keys to the current layout (in some cases, management may need to reconfigure)
  • Fixed loading saves with disabled optional rumami
  • Update content when resizing windows and other events of context damage
  • Interrupt Handling during operation CEL-Engine
  • Many improvements to the debugger, which will further improve the emulator (debug version)
  • Made reversinzhenerig gun and its support is implemented protocol (including machines with games)
  • Made reversinzhenerig protocol service fee OrbAtak and implemented its support
  • Made reversinzhenerig Flightstick Pro protocol
  • Added the option of hiding the cursor in full screen mode


Проект эмуляции - «Феникс» | Arts-Union





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