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Classic99 v389


Classic99 is a freeware TI99/4A emulator for Windows 2000 and up. Classic99 runs most stuff fine:

  • System ROMs and many cartridges are INCLUDED under license from Texas Instruments
  • boots and runs all console OS functions (except cassette I/O) and TI BASIC correctly
  • most modules seem to work fine
  • XB/Atarisoft/Jon379/SuperSpace cartridge bank switching supported
  • full sound emulation of all channels
  • Speech implemented for both speech ROMs and external speak
  • keyboard CRU scanning implemented
  • joystick support
  • 9901 timer supported
  • disk supports V9T9 files, TIFILES/Xmodem files, Windows native files, V9T9 DSK and PC99 DSK images (DSK images are readonly)
  • DirectX Windowed and FullScreen, as well as nonDirectX windowed modes.
  • Full Sprite collision detection (by pattern)
  • Numerous video filter options (HQ4X, 2xSAI, SuperEagle, NTSC, etc)
  • Integrated debugger with single step
  • PS/2 keyboard emulation builtin
  • Mousedriven menu selection (doubleclick on screen)
  • 1MB Super AMS card supported
  • Full source code included



  • A long time ago I implemented the speed improvement in the core I hinted at in the original release.. it made about a 15% improvement. (Using table lookup instead of tearing apart the opcode every cycle).
  • Did some work on cleaning up a little - wrote a simulator for the console interrupt routine. It's incomplete, but it improved compatibility remarkably! Between that, and actually loading the right amount of cartridge data, a lot of stuff that didn't even try before now runs.
  • It also means I scan for FCTN (ALT) = now. ;) Though other FCTN keys are NOT implemented. I notice FCTN = crashes sometimes - I think if it's held down and repeats once or twice. I'll get to checking that.


Software from HarmlessLion.com!





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