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Sugarbox 0.26


Sugarbox is an Amstrad CPC emulator for Windows.


After a long time, Sugarbox is now avaiable in version 0.26.

This update is mainly focused on IPF and Disk support, but it includes also a debugger (rather simple at the moment, should be improved in the next releases). Z80 emulation is a bit better (all Z80 tests are now correct).

Also, I tried to correct the feedback I get from the previous version.

Here is the compete log:

  • [CT-RAW/IPF] : Native support of these two format. CAPSLib dll from SPS is no longer used. This will fix some non-working dump( due to bug in the lib).
  • [IPF] : Add a SAVE IPF option. You can save your current disk in IPF format, to generate a 3″ disk. You can even write dump with weak sectors.
  • [HFE] : Now it’s possible to save HFE file !
  • [edsk] : Added some tuning to handle sector of header size lower than real size.
  • [edsk] : Fixed some nasty memory overrun.
  • [edsk] : Fixed the way of handling overlapped disk : « Corsarios (UK) (1988) (CPM) [Original].dsk » disk now run correctly. In fact, all dsk should now retrieve their original size of 6k/track
  • [edsk] : Fixed support for ALLGAP dumps
  • [FDC] : New paradigm : Weak bits are now handled by bit. Multi-revolution dump are converted to single revolution with weak bits data.
  • [FDC] : Fix a bug with the SZ byte = 0 in read track command (this fixed « War In Middle Earth (UK) (1987) (CPM) [Original].dsk » dump)
  • [Tape] : Add a delay when motor is on/off. This fixed « Last Mission »
  • [Z80] : Interrupt mode 0 is partially fixed : It does nothing, but no longer corrupt the Z80 registers
  • [Z80] : Fix some wrong behaviour of undocumented opcodes
  • [Z80] : Add the undocumented ‘Q’ register used for Flags, and fix the SCF/CCF instructions regarding this register
  • [Z80] : All Z80 tests from Patrik Rak, adapted to the CPC by Kevin Thacker, are now correct.
  • [Display] : Fixed wrong behaviour for 100%speed with 100hz screen without black frame insertion : Speed was twice what was intendeed
  • [General] : Add Autorun disk on insertion which try to guess the best file to run.
  • [General] : Optimization : Everything is now running 60-80% faster than before
  • [General] : Add a support for auto-executing BIN file (with AMSDOS header), through drag’n'drop.
  • [General] : Fixed the Spanish configuration for 464, and added support for Danish keyboard.
  • [General] : Added -fullscreen command line to enable fullscreen by default
  • [General] : Fixed the « -command » option : In order to run a disc, just launch your command as Sugarbox -command run\ »disc\ » for example
  • [General] : Added sound for disk drive
  • [General] : Fix copy/paste for english/spanish/danish
  • [GUI] : Added a feedback when loading tape/disk/SNA/SNR
  • [GUI] : Added a preliminary debugger, with Register edition, breakpoints, flags
  • [Joystick support] : Fixed diagonals not supported with some joypads (now, games should be far more playable !)
  • [Memory] : Fixed the configuration : 64k computer no longer have improper PAL
  • [Settings] : Fixed some nasty bugs preventing the keyboard settings to work


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