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Yabause-Devmiyax 0.1.14 (2016-04-09)


Yabause is a great Saturn emulator. Created by Guillaume Duhamel, there are in Mac version, Linux and Windows. The game compatibility rate is very good. The Qt version comes with an improved user interface and support for Cheats. This version created by Devmiyax greatly enhances the compatibility of games in OpenGL mode.


I compiled the latest version of Yabause-Devmiyax which is more focused on the correction of OpenGL bugs, adding new features and support for various matèriel based on android. The big news concerns the support tessellation (correction of deformed sprites) and adding a filter FXAA, but there are also fixes graphics problems. Here's the news:


  • Fixed a display issue in the Final Fight Revenge game.
  • Fixed a problem plane back in the game Battle Arena Thoshinden Remix.
  • Fixed an issue with the deformation of sprite for Akumajo Dracula X.
  • Adding blur effect and mosaic.
  • Added Tesselation for correcting the distortion of sprites. In the Video tab, there is a mode filter with no choice and FXAA. And adding 3 options for the option Generate Polygons: Triangles using correcting perspectives Ratio Correction 4: 3 Aspect Ratio Correction and 16: 9. An explanation in English and a demonstration video available on this link .
  • Adding to the French translation of several untranslated strings.






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