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Emu64 5.0.13


Emu64 is a low-level emulation program, which emulates the Commodore 64 on a PC running Windows. The operation of Emu64 is simpler than that of a real C64. All important functions are accessible with the mouse. Not only the C64 was modeled, but also various extra hardware such datasette, floppy drive or the use of modules. There are many other features for easy user as the experienced programmer available.


Emu64 Development Snapshot (DE / EN)


Important ! Please read it!


Here you will always find the current state of development of Emu64. These are not official and no tested versions, but always on the current development level. For these snapshots here, there will be no support, for me, there are the official Emu64 versions and the forum. Who wants to play it safe please use the official versions of emu64.de . Error messages and suggestions for improvement for these snapshots can be set up here, under Issues / Tickets (Issue Tracking System) and are welcome and necessary. These will then also be included in the next snapshots, and thus into a new official Emu64 version. There will be no section for these versions here, in the Emu64 forum give. The official Emu64 forum is exclusively for tested and official versions.


Version 5.0.13


Update: 06.11.2016




  • FileBrowser for floppy, datasette and plug-in module windows reworked
  • Delete in the FileBrowser is now possible
  • Courtesy of style64.org, C64_Pro-STYLE.ttf is now used for the DiscImage.
  • Automatically hide the mouse pointer over the C64 screen. The time is adjustable
  • The position and size of the C64 screen will now also be memorized at the end and will be restored at the next start
  • New graphic for the joystick folder, inserted by Selmiak
  • Dataset functionality has now been completely ported
  • Sound buffer has been doubled
  • BUGFIX # 47 : the end of the Setup window now an open Joystick Mapping window closes
  • BUGFIX # 72 : should start after the C64 screen now always be in the foreground
  • BUGFIX # 76 : Disk icon in Floppy Status window works again
  • BUGFIX # 78 : File names should now be sorted (helps also update)




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