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Vice 3.1


VICE is the one and only Versatile Commodore Emulator. It provides emulation of the Commodore C64, C64DTV, C128, VIC20, PET, PLUS4, SCPU64 and CBM-II computers within a single package. The emulators run as separate programs, but have the same user interface, share the same settings and support the same file formats.


Important notice: If you have no idea what a Commodore 8-bit computer is, or have questions about how these machines are used, how the file formats work or anything else that is not strictly related to VICE, you should read the appropriate FAQs first, as that kind of information is not available here. See section 19 Contact information. for information about how to retrieve the FAQs.


All the emulators provide an accurate 6502/6510 emulator, with emulation of all the opcodes (both documented and undocumented ones) and accurate timing. Unlike other emulators, VICE aims to be cycle accurate; it tries to emulate chip timings as precisely as possible and does so efficiently.


Please do not expect the C64DTV, C128, PET, PLUS4, SCPU64 and CBM-II emulators to be as good as the C64 or VIC20 one, as they are still under construction.



Changes in VICE 3.1


  • New support for double sided 1571 g64 and p64 images.
  • SID filter improvements.


C64(SC)/SCPU64/C64DTV/C128 changes

  • New joyport script64 dongle emulation.
  • New joyport vizawrite64 dongle emulation.
  • Fixed joyport paperclip64 dongle emulation.
  • Fixed StarDOS emulation.



  • Fixed VIA emulation.



  • Fixed commands and added new commands.


BeOS/Haiku changes

  • New drag & drop support: dragging a file from Tracker into the window
    now autostarts it, and dragging text into the window pastes it.






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