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MacFCEU 0.9a2


MacFCEU is a  Mac OS-specific port of FCE Ultra 0.98.13 (an NES/Famicom emulator), and beyond. Classic and Carbon are supported exclusively.


Minimal Requirements:

  • System 7.1 or later (7.5.5+ recommended)
    • A 68020 or better - a 266MHz+ computer is necessary for real time performance; 333MHz+ for full, smooth performance, working speed features
    • Note: requirements may be lower with sound turned off (0% volume)
  • 2700KB of RAM (Largest Unused Block), preset to 4 MB/3 MB
  • The optimal sample rate is 2x the native/set system rate. (44509 for the 22254.54545 Hz rate; divides evenly by two as far as the Sound Manager's 16 bits of fractional precision is concerned.)


MacFCEU 0.9a2


Features include: NSFe support; a PPU tile viewer; customized speed control; access to memory, registers and counters; high-definition audio; a pseudo-interlaced (480i) mode, and near-100% accurate 2A03/7 emulation.


Recent changes include:

  • Many bug fixes and compatibility improvements.
  • Added VS left and right coin insert, watchdog timer.
  • Added PAL palette.
  • Added custom overscan limits, replacing "Clip Sides".
  • Added mappers 174 and 211.
  • Added video NTSC filter/stretch, adjustable settings.
  • Added option to disable direct DA input (4011h writes).
  • NSF playback auto-advance, including loop-1/all and silence detection.
  • Implemented more complete YM2149F sound for Sun5B - noise & envelope.
    • note that it is slower than before, even with optimizations.
  • Added "No Rect Duty Reset" option for smooth results with manual-sweeping music.
  • Support for non-standard iNES 1B signature.
  • Moved CityFighter PCM to VRCVI - softer but clearer.
  • VRCVI overlow at volume point 42.
  • Non-clone CPU RAM filled mostly with FFh on hard reset.


  • Fixed a number of VS-related bugs.
  • Input menus; also replaced GamePad graphic with photo-based image.
  • Added Subor Keyboard.
  • Updated mapper 116 (SL12) to run "Kart Fighter (Unl)".
  • Added UNL-CITYFIGHTER board, 166/167/39 Subor and 31 NSFROM mappers. MMC3 revision B by default,
  • TEROM/TFROM hardwired mirroring. Fixed-banking for SHROM; added SH1ROM PCB variant.
  • Added 1.5 SHROM, 4.1 MMC6 and 34.2 BNROM submapper codes.
  • Imported kevtris' VS palettes. Fixed sweep enable and silencing during sweep reload.
  • DMC DMA read only on last cycle.


  • Added PPU memory, OAM RAM, APU registers, and PRG banking to Memory View.
  • Added iNES mappers 178 and "Holy Diver" 78.3.
  • Added Dendy autodetect (merely "(R)" for Russian).
  • Non-taken branches always read operand. Regions now specific models; added RGB model (e.g., Titler; missing #13 grays).
  • 2A0x rev. A emulation performs LXA; others, ATX.
  • Added 401x port/DMC DMA collision; dma_4016_read test passes (FourScore off).
  • Corrected 4014. DMA emulation not 100% correct, but sprdma_and_dmc_dma passes.
  • Fixed DMC channel DMA timing and 4017 IRQ bugs.
  • Correct rectangle duty types, replacing threshold with a customizable table.
  • Fixed rectangle sweep and frequency reload.
  • User-optional open bus input port mask.
  • Last field now first field (as it should have been).
  • Added 2007 busy reads.
  • NES soft reset and proper boot sequence. Knight Rider and Ironsword run again.
  • Improved even/odd and NMI timing (3+1.5 CPU cycles).


  • Added PPU A12 hook (e.g., manual MMC counting).
  • Revised menus; more items in case function keys aren't available...
  • 4014 odd cycle rounding and implied reads (more complete 2A0x).
  • Added Dendy region.
  • Added per-pixel composite index disabling.
  • Fixed IRQ/BRK/NMI concurrency. More tests pass.
  • Precision timings precalculated on CPU subcycle level, instead of PPU cycles.
  • More cases for faster 2x window drawing; revised blitter.
  • Fixed input & input drawing; automatic Zapper for Duck Hunt works.
  • Correct PAL emphasis (BRG).


  • Fixed palette power-up table, read and render-off input masks.
  • Fixed VS palette selection and dip switch display.
  • Sunsoft FME-7 IRQs acknowledged only clearing bit 0 of 13.
  • Doesn't work with all carts.
  • Added missing CHR bank line for AxROM/mapper 7 boards; fixes Battletoads, others.
  • Added mapper 28 (INL-ROM) and TxROM/SxROM variants. More board recognition.
  • Added NMI-ISR window for BRK/IRQs, plus NMI instruction delay.
  • Corrected CPU power & reset states.
  • Branch during pagecross triggers pending IRQ; passes "5-branch_delays_irq".
  • Corrected ARR op, SHX, SHY, ANE and BRK operations on a Visual6502 level.
  • Adjusted initial triangle position for better channel mixing.
  • Fixed a major path bug that caused the wrong file to be opened.


  • New best-quality sound: pulse and noise channels always clock even if silent.
  • square_timer_div2 renders correctly now, no hacks.
  • Fixed the triangle length bug.


  • Disabled minimum boot time for 2000h writes that broke nes-saw, others.
  • Fixed field ordering after NMI/VBL fix; added last-field user setting.
  • Adjusted no-render pixel offsets.
  • Added "latch" decay (for ppu_open_bus.nes).
  • N106 rate ratio numerator set to exact value at best rate.
  • No more default WAVE name; ROM file base name by default (if loaded).


  • Fixed PPU and APU frame issues - all Shay Green VBL/NMI and APU tests pass.
  • Added sound latency - no more break-up in Mac emulators or fast NSFs.
  • Added initial frame limit to NSFs for ROMs like "battletoads & double dragon".
  • NSF frame size (rate) in file now used.


  • Added inverse table remapping so all emphasis is handled (per line, however).
  • Added interlacing to 2x scaling.
  • Playfield/screen-off now writes single pixels instead of 8s.
  • Fixed the standard 64-color palette and NTSC HSB constants.
  • Replaced the APU frame divider singular "half counter" with a table.
  • Added Memory View window.
  • Fixed sound-off speed issues by internally rendering silent samples at 4998 Hz.
  • MMC5 PCM now disabled at init. (ROM must clear $5010 bit #6 and #0.)
  • Fixed a mapper sound bug and some shell bugs/issues.
  • Added ability to adjust the DC filter (or turn it off).
  • High definition non-aliasing sound with 17:4 fixed-point sample rates.



System 7.0 or later (7.5.5+ recommended)
A 68020 or better - over 200 MHz for real time performance.
(Some carts and NSFs are more demanding.)
3 MB of RAM (Largest Unused Block), preset to 6 MB/3 MB
(Video filter alone needs 1.2MB.)




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