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Play! 2017-05-09


Play! is a PlayStation 2 console emulator still in preliminary stages. This won't run your favorite PlayStation 2 game perfectly at optimal speed: this only works with a few demos and games created by people involved in the non-professional PS2 coding scene.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • CPU: x86 CPU running @ 2.0GHz and + is recommended. Doesn't take advantage of multi-core CPUs yet.
  • RAM: 256MBs of RAM is recommended.
  • Video Card: Any DirectX9 class GPU should be enough.

Technical Features


  • EmotionEngine:
    • Near complete emulation of the base MIPSIV core.
    • Good COP0 (System Control Unit) / COP1 (Floating Point Unit) emulation.
    • Fair emulation of the MMI instruction subset.
    • CPU emulation done using an instruction caching/recompilation scheme.
  • OS:
    • ELF binaries loading support.
    • BIOS emulation done in high-level
  • GS/GIF:
    • Basic GIF transfers implemented.
    • Basic GS registers emulation.
    • Basic GS rendering supported (using OpenGL).
  • VU/VIF:
    • Micromode support for the VU0/VU1.
    • Macromode support for the VU0.
    • Basic VIF transfers implemented.
    • VU flags emulation not very well supported.
  • IPU:
    • MPEG-1/2 macroblock decoding supported.
    • All commands emulated.
    • Still very buggy, so it won't playback movies really well.
  • IOP/SIF:
    • High-level emulation of the IO processor done by intercepting SIF commands and routing them to native modules.
    • Common IOP modules emulated in high-level.
    • Can load and execute game specific IOP modules.


Hey everyone! The new official build has come! Here's the change log:

  • Compatibility fixes ('Metal Gear Solid 3', 'Puzzle Quest' and 'Super Bust a Move' now boot).
  • Fixed crash that could occur in Katamari Damacy.
  • Fixed rendering issues with flat shaded polygons (occurring in Phantasy Star Generations, Ys 3 and probably others).
  • [Android] Fix build date display.
  • [macOS] Add .bin extension to file image selection dialogs.
  • [iOS] Fix screen size setting for iPads.




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