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Neko Project 21 0.86 rev 30


Neko is a Project II / Neko Project 21?

Neko is a PC-9800 series emulator of Project II Wayui Mr. production.

Other PC-98 as the emulator currently T98-NEXT, QEMU / 9821, Anex86 include (accurate to Epson-compatible machine emulator), but along with the wording of please you might guess recently Neko Project 21 made things appeared want did. (Reference around February 2016)


Why use Neko Project 21

The PC-98 emulator listed above have the following characteristics: (subjective).

   Neko Project II  For a Project 21  T98-NEXT  QEMU/9821  Anex86
 Reproducing models  PC-9801  PC-9821  PC-9821  PC-9821  PC-286/386/486/586
 CPU  80286 pretty  i486SX quite  i486DX/SX  unknown  unknown
 Expanded memory  The maximum 14MB  The maximum 63MB  The maximum 64MB  128MB super possible  The maximum 14MB
 FDD  3 mode corresponding (INI editing)  3 mode corresponding  3 mode corresponding 3 mode corresponding  3 mode corresponding
 Expansion Board 9861-PC / K (RS-232C)
86 sound board, etc.
9861-PC / K (RS-232C)
86 sound board, etc.
Such as 86 sound board
can be self-made
Was 98-
Mate-Q PCMなど
26K sound source board
86 sound board
 Otherwise Sound log
save state
Sound log
CD access (IDE version)
Physical FDD available
CD access (SCSI)
state save
CD access (IDE) Why 256-color display Allowed
CD access (own system)
 Advantages Reproducibility is high
hardware various
source code published
Reproducibility is high
hardware various
source code published
UI is easy to handle
high-speed operation

High-speed operation (overwhelming)
Win98 is obediently operations
Fast action Zhi
BIOS do not
 Shortcoming No protected mode
without a 256-color display function
A little heavy?
IDE version is necessary development environment
Sometimes freeze Moving the Windows? Operation of the FD exchange · · ·
BIOS mandatory model limited
First of all protection is ... because Epson compatibles


Since this time is intended to operate the each version of Windows on the emulator, Neko Project II can not use the protected mode is first out of the candidate.

Then, since it is the final goal of moving the Windows2000 those that do not can use the IDE is out. Sonaruto Anex86 also will be departing from the candidate. Anex86 it with IDE support. But it seems impossible eventually WindowsNT4.0 later because 8MHz system. By the way, I tried at Windows98 was used.

In addition, QEMU / 9821 is is why it is convenient to move the Windows, which is also removed from the candidate very much does not work well (because of the model limited BIOS?) Like so.

What remains is is why Neko Project 21 with a T98-NEXT after all, here is to use the Neko Project 21 there is a possibility of the correction of the program on their own even if the freeze in the main, auxiliary to T98-NEXT also be used you to.

... I say such a bossy, but only say that actually remained a variety trial results Neko Project 21 is. The truth (^ _ ^)



Neko Project 21 / W ver0.86 rev 30 has been released.

  • Fixed a bug that Xe10 built-in window accelerator could not be used with FreeBSD's X Window System


Neko Project 21/WでWindowsを動かす



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