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Pasofami 2.35


Pasofami is a Nintendo Entertainment / Nintendo Famicom emulator and debugger for Windows.


Originally making it's debut in 1995 Pasofami was one of the first Famicom emulators to come out of Japan and over time has developed a rich feature set.


Change-log has been translated from Japanese into English gibberish.

Pasofami's version upgrade history


Version update contents of Paso Famicom (v 2.35) (2017/05/19)



  • NSF play time specification and continuous play function were added. With this function you will be able to listen to your favorite songs in NSF files in any order in any order, with your favorite NSF player.

  • In the last version upgrade, NSF's track number change function was added, Continue to add NSF's playing time specification and continuous playing function. This function allows you to specify the play time (minutes: second) for each song, and that time has elapsed. Then it switches to the next song after 3 seconds of silence.  Therefore, if you select a song, you will not switch to the next song anytime. For players who have to use it is very effective. Since the setting information of music order and play time is incorporated in the NSF file. It works effectively as a common function in every NSF player.

  • How to use:

    • Choose an NSF file with Pasofami.
    • On the NSF player screen, press the "NSF Change Song Order and Play Time Setting" button.
    • Click on "output NSF file name", "track number list" on the displayed screen
    • Enter the original song number and play time.
    • At the end, press the "Create NSF file with track number change and play time specification" button.







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