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MedLaunch is a .NET (Windows only) front-end for the excellent Mednafen multi-system emulator.



  • Responsive GUI that allows for a wide range of monitor resolutions
  • No installation required
  • Local (SQLite) auto-generated database where all settings are saved
  • Built-in games library (with system filters and dynamic search)
  • ROM scanner (for games library import)
  • Supports the usual Mednafen rom and disk formats along with 7z archive handling for ROMs (one ROM per archive)
  • Combined NoIntro/ToSec MD5 hash auto-lookup (for populating some of the games library data on ROM import).
  • Scraping of game data and media from thegamesdb.net and mobygames
  • Games library sidebar for game info, stats and media
  • Manual import of disk-based games (both single and multiple disk games with auto-m3u playlist generation)
  • Nearly all Mednafen command line parameters available and configurable
  • Built-in browser control with links to Mednafen help pages
  • Built-in netplay server selection
  • Customizable color scheme
  • This upcoming changes (and many others) can be found in the current roadmap here.



  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • At least Mednafen version 0.9.42.x - 64-bit version required for Saturn games
  • Windows 7 and above (may work on Vista but has not been tested)
  • x64 (has not been tested on x86 but should still work on it)

Changelog - Minor Release

  • (BugFix) - Fixed on-game-launch exception when starting a netplay game
  • (BugFix) - Fixed 'import config' prompt on launch always appearing when user has explictly said NO to this previously
  • (BugFix) - Manual download method for mednafen no longer 'hangs' the UI
  • (BugFix) - Mednafen folder selection method now no longer results in an inifinate loop of menus under certain conditions


Important Release Notes (0.5.7.x Major Branch)


This release introduces a number of bugfixes that can be seen below. It has also done away with all the separate DAT and json files that were being used to identify games on import. The now reside in a SQLite database that is shipped with release.


In order for the new DATDB and bugfixes to come into play, please rescan your ROMs and DISCs before raising any issues.

There is also (still) an official MedLaunch mednafen server running in the UK. More details can be found here:
http://node.asnitech.co.uk/ and the server is automatically listed in the server browser within MedLaunch.


Notable Additions:

  • (BugFix) - Fixed issue with ROMs inside zip files not launching correctly (ROMs will need a rescan for fix to take effect)
  • (BugFix) - Removed '-wswan.rotateinput' command that was causing more recent versions of Mednafen to not launch wswan games
  • (BugFix) - Fixed issue with SBI file import for m3u games
  • (BugFix) - Cancel button on scanning and scraping dialogs now works correctly
  • (Enhancement) - All separate disparate DAT files have been combined into a smaller, fast SQLite DB


New Install:

  • Extract this release to a folder, run the 'MedLaunch.exe' executable and choose your Mednafen directory (must be the Mednafen 0.9.39 - 0.9.45 - 64-bit version is required if you want to emulate Saturn games).
  • You are then prompted to choose whether to import all config settings from your Mednafen folder into the MedLaunch database (this is recommended).
  • If you currently use system-specific config files with Mednafen the settings from these will be imported with the above process. However MedLaunch will write to these files when you launch a game - so back them up somewhere if you are not happy with this.



Preferred Method:

  • Automatically download and upgrade using the 'Updates' tab within MedLaunch itself.
  • Ensure you have the a supported version of Mednafen installed (v0.9.39.x - v0.9.45.x)
  • Once MedLaunch has upgraded, go to the 'Configs' tab and click the 'IMPORT ALL CONFIGS FROM DISK' button
  • In settings change your mednafen directory if you installed the new version of mednafen somewhere else

Manual Method:

  • You can safely extract this new release over an existing MedLaunch folder (providing you do not have MedLaunch running at the time)
  • Once extracted run the MedLaunch.exe executable and your current database will be upgraded before the application starts proper.
  • Once MedLaunch has upgraded, go to the 'Configs' tab and click the 'IMPORT ALL CONFIGS FROM DISK' button
  • In settings change your mednafen directory if you installed the new version of mednafen somewhere else






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