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Shunyuan's HLE Audio Plugin


Shunyuan's HLE Audio Plugin is an audio plugin for Nintendo 64 emulators.



  • audio plugin spec #1.2 for pj64-2.0, spec #1.1 for other emulators
  • XAudio2, DirectSound8 and No Sound driver support.
  • XAudio2 upmix to 5.1 or 7.1
  • prebuffer stream audio
  • HLE interface 
  • LLE interface
  • audio thread to update sound buffer 
  • tested with project64 1.6, project64 2.0, project64 2.1, 1964 svn r146, 1964_ultrafast 3.0, and mupen64 5.1.
  • debug OSD
  • auto sync game to audio 
  • dynamic plugin interface
  • Lua interface to tweak per game settings


Special thanks: CXD4 for his LLE RSP plugin, and nintendo1889 for testing and push me to improve the audio quality of this plugin every time.