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MedGui Reborn


MedGui Reborn is a frontend (GUI) for Mednafen multi emulator, written in Microsoft Visual Studio Community.


The program is the evolution of MedGui and includes more features:



  • Scanning of rom with comparization with NoIntro Dats
  • Support for files multi archive in. rar, .7zip (via SevenZipSharp.dll Library)
  • Convert audio and cue file in a format compatible with Mednafen (through Sox converter)
  • Playback of audio files supported by Mednafen (wav/ogg through Sox converter)
  • Automatic/Manual download of avaiabale Game Box Art
  • Displaying detailed information of Roms in local and/or Internet mode
  • Support for Snaps and Title .png image
  • Scrape of boxart and info from TheGamesDB
  • Support for IRC chat session
  • Auto-patch for PSX games
  • Automatic detecttion of real name for Saturn and PSX games
  • Palettes maker for gb/gbc roms
  • Snaps Manager and Renamer
  • Custom DAT maker in standard ctrlMame format
  • Scrape game music soundtrack from ModLand server
  • Any game utility
  • Navigate into GUI menu with a directinput compatible joypad
  • Net Client with list of opened netplay session by user
  • Create Desktop Shortcut of Game with icons (if boxart available)