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This software enables you to control various windows applications (e.g. a web browser, games on the web, Photoshop shortcuts, Microsoft office, and even Windows itself) by using your favorite joystick.  Whenever you press joystick buttons and sticks, JoyToKey will convert the input into keyboard strokes and mouse movements so that the target application works as you pre-configured!

NOTE: On Windows Vista or 7, you may not be able to control some appli- cations due to enhanced security control.  If you encounter such problems, try to launch JoyToKey.exe by opening right-click popup menu and selecting "Run As Administrator".


  • Create multiple configuration files
    • You can create multiple configuration files and switch them at any time. For example, create one config for a game, and create another one for web browsing. JoyToKey also supports the automatic switching of an active configuration file when the target application changes.
  • Assign multiple keys for each button 
    • For example, you can assign a combination of Alt+F4 for one joystick button.
  • Mouse emulation
    • You can also emulate mouse cursor movements, clicks and wheel rotation.
  • Automatic repeat of button input or toggle input
  • Virtual joystick setting
    • Even if you have only one joystick, you can configure button mapping for multiple virtual joysticks (e.g. one joystick for default key mapping, another virtual joystick for registering function keys or shortcuts, andn yet another virtual joystick for mouse control). You can switch to those virtual joystick mappings temporarily by pressing special buttons.


JoyToKey (English version)