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Virtual GameBoy (VGB) is a portable emulator of the Nintendo GameBoy handheld videogame console.

It runs most GameBoy, Super GameBoy, and GameBoy Color software on your personal computer. As VGB is written in a portable C programming language, it runs on many different platforms and operating systems. You can always get the latest VGB binaries and support files from


I have always been a big fan of GameBoy and even wrote a USENET FAQ on it. In 1995, I have accidentally stumbled upon an information file on GameBoy hardware written by Pan of Anthrox, and started the VGB project. At the present time, VGB successfully runs overhelming majority of GameBoy and GameBoy Color games and supports such esoteric devices as GameShark, GameGenie, and Super GameBoy. Following is a list of features VGB supports:

Standard GameBoy Hardware

  • CPU (modified Z80)
  • Video Processor
  • Sound Generator
  • 8kB Internal RAM
  • 8kB Internal VRAM
  • GameLink (Unix, Windows, Symbian ports)
  • Palette (yellowish)
  • Hardware ID


  • Automatic ROM/RAM/MBC Recognition
  • Battery Backed RAM
  • MBC1 Mapper Chip
  • MBC2 Mapper Chip
  • MBC3 Mapper Chip
  • MBC5 Mapper Chip
  • MBC7 Mapper Chip
  • HuC1 Mapper Chip
  • HuC3 Mapper Chip
  • TAMA5 Mapper Chip
  • MMM01 Mapper Chip
  • MBC1 8MBit ROMs
  • MBC3 Real-Time Clock
  • MBC5 Rumble Pack Motor
  • MBC7 Tilt Sensor
  • 93cXX Serial EEPROM

GameBoy Pocket

  • Palette (grayish)
  • Hardware ID

GameBoy Light

  • Palette (bluish)
  • Hardware ID

Super GameBoy

  • Colored Screen
  • Palettes
  • Background Frames
  • 2-Player Mode
  • 4-Player Mode

GameBoy Color

  • 32kB Internal RAM
  • 16kB Internal VRAM
  • Multicolored Screen
  • Palettes
  • New DMA Mode
  • Speed Switch
  • Hardware ID

GameBoy Add-Ons

  • Galoob GameGenie
  • InterAct GameShark
  • Nintendo Pocket Printer
  • Nintendo Pocket Camera


  • Simultaneous SGB+CGB emulation
  • Automatic handling of GZIPped ROMs
  • Emulation state saving and loading
  • Soundtrack logging into MIDI Files
  • Semiautomated cheat search
  • "Washed out" CGB Palette Mode
  • Built-in configuration menu
  • Built-in debugger
  • Video image interpolation
  • Simulated TV scanlines
  • Custom palettes