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PCAE is an Atari 2600 emulator for Windows & DOS



  • Very fast emulation in Pentium-optimized assembly
  • Full collision checking
  • Supports all cartridge bankswitching schemes
  • Emulates two joysticks, four paddles, Atari Video Touch Pad (for Star Raiders), Atari Keyboard Controllers, Atari Indy 500 Driving Controllers (for Indy 500), and CBS Booster-Grip (for Omega Race)
  • Built-in menu allows easy selection of games
  • Game profile contains settings for every game in your library
  • Sound emulation on 100% Sound Blaster-compatible sound cards
  • Support for real Atari 2600 controllers via a home-built board
  • Full Starpath Supercharger support
  • On-line help in menu system, integrated debugger, and during games
  • Built-in interactive debugger that supports bank-switched images
  • Built-in disassmebler for non-bank-switched images


PC Atari Emulator