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Have you found yourself wanting to play an Intellivision game but not wanting to pull out the console? Do you only have a few minutes to play a great game as you sit at your PC? Then you need Nostalgia! 

This is the best way to play the actual game code from the original Intellivision cartridges on your PC! 


  • Intellivoice and ECS support, including the ECS keyboard 
  • Run all existing games and any new games 
  • Groovy, retro-feel interface 
  • Command line support to allow use of emulator front-end software 
  • Completely customizable joystick / keyboard interface 
  • Customizable color palette so you can make it look like you remember 
  • Record movie captures with sound in AVI format 
  • Record sound captures in WAV format 
  • Snap screen captures in BMP format 
  • Save and Restore games 
  • Play against a friend over a network/internet 
  • Add your own game box, overlay images, and manual to display with the game