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NitroGrafx is a PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator for the NDS, it can also emulate some of the (Super) CD-ROM^2 & Arcade Card.

All games are not perfect, (alot of US games doesn't work because they are encrypted, use PCEToy or the emulator ootake to decrypt these before you use them).

Don't use overdumps as these are evil on PC Engine.

How to use:

Depending on your flashcart you might have to DLDI patch the emulator file. You should also create a "NitroGrafx" directory either in the root of your card or in the data directory (eg h:\NitroGrafx or h:\data\NitroGrafx).

Put your games on your flash card, max 512 games per folder (though shouldn't be a problem). Filenames must not be longer than 62 chars. You can use zipped files (as long as they use the deflate compression).

The GUI is accessed by pressing L+R (shoulder buttons) or by touching the screen, tabs are changed by pressing the L or R button, going to the left most tab exits the GUI. Closing your DS puts the emulator in sleep mode, just open it to resume.

When you first run the emulator I suggest you take a peak through the options and change the settings to your liking and then save them. To be able to use CD-ROM games you have to select a CD-ROM System rom (bios) from Options-Machine-BiosSettings-SelectBios. You can use .iso files or .bin/.cue files see CDROM_readme.txt for more info.

Now load up a game and you should be good to go.


Cologne, Goomba, MSXAdvance, PCEAdvance, SMSAdvance, Wasabi and Unofficial PocketNES/SNESAdvance.