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WiiEngine is an PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 emulator.

This is a port of the GP2x version (gp2xengine) from Hermes optimised and improved for the Wii. It use parts of Hugo and XPCE, among other emulators.

  • Support ROMs in .pce, .bz2 or .zip. formats. A .bz2 compressor is included in the program to convert the .pce files to .bz2.
  • Up to 4 controllers support, using 4 wiimotes with 2 assignment modes. The Inteligent mode assigns the controllers as they are switched on inside any of the menus (in the emulator only the HOME button works, if the controller wasn't previously assigned) depending on the order and number of controllers connected (i.e. controller 2 could be used for player 1 if there's only one controller connected). The Direct mode assigns the number of the controller directly to the number of the player.
  • Autofire support.
  • Configurable buttons.
  • Support capture/view screenshot in .bmp format. The screenshots are stored in "/roms/pcengine/img" directory. If this directory doesn't exist at the root of your SD card the emulator will create it automatically. The screenshots are incrementally named/numbered.
  • Support WRAM autosave. The game will store data in a .wra file when exiting or by pressing the RESET or POWER buttons on the Wii. This files are stored in "/roms/pcengine/saves" on the root of your SD card.
  • Support Savestate. Full support wich stores all game data (even CDROM), to be able to recover them directly (by loading the .sav from the "/saves/" directory) or from the configuration menu once the game is loaded. Saves are stored in "/roms/pcengine/saves" on the root of your SD card and they use bzip compression to reduce filesize.
  • PAL/NTSC video modes supported. Bilinear filtering for image improvement.
  • Support for PC Engine CDROM games in .iso and .toc. formats.
  • Include the PC utility "bincuesplit" is included in the archive to extract the data and audio tracks from a cue/bin CDROM image.


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