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CaPriCe Forever


"CaPriCe Forever" is an emulator for Amstrad CPC 464, 664 and 6128 OLD computers running Windows.


"CaPriCe Forever" is the latest evolution of a portage started in 2006 of the emulator " Caprice32 ", written by Ulrich Doewich .


Many features have evolved and corrections made since " Caprice for Palm OS ", which itself deviated well from the original emulator to run properly in an embedded environment. As a result, "CaPriCe Forever" remains for the moment a gigantic construction site at all levels (I still corrects problems in the code of " Caprice for Palm OS " !!).


Having been a player rather than a developer, I focused on the best way to put the player back into the CPC atmosphere.


CaPriCe Forever