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ACE allows you to emulate from the Amstrad CPC464 to the CPC6128. In most cases the emulation is more accurate than in others emulators.


ACE is a good choice to watch demos thanks to the quality of its audio and video renderings and because of its very precise emulation (especially for the CRTC 1).


However, retro-gamers will be pleased too; almost all the DSK files are working and both joysticks are supported.


Last but not least, developper should also fall in love with ACE when discovering all the monitoring and cross-dev tools in addition to the infinite possibilities available through the AREXX interface.


To conclude with ACE is:

  • An almost perfect Z80 and chipset emulation (perfect split-screens, perfect split-rasters, …).
  • A nice and ergonomic MUI graphic interface (everything is available in one or two clicks or by keyboard shortcuts, everything is configurable thanks to MUI).
  • An excellent audio and video rendering (pixels have the same aspect ratio than on the CPC, overscan has the same visible area, full screen mode works in 50Hz when applicable, …).
  • A exceptional interworking capability thanks to about 50 AREXX commands available though REXX scripts or even Lua.
  • A pleasant way to play good old games again with joysticks support and no bad latencies.
  • A good help to code & debug CPC programs with the help of all the cross-developpement tools (memory editor, disassembler, monitoring and advanced breakpoints, …).


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