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Jace is a logical reproduction of an enhanced Apple //e computer, written in Java 6 and tested on various platforms (Linux, Windows, MacOS X).

Features include:

  • 128kb RAM, 80 columns
  • Supports all video modes, including B&W and "Mixed" RGB modes
  • Fullscreen and windowed modes supported (press F9 to toggle)
  • Disk ][ controller fully emulated (DSK, DO, PO, NIB images supported)
  • Apple Super Serial Card fully emulated and accessible via TCP/IP
  • Mass storage "SmartPort" controller support (HDV and 2MG images supported)
  • Joystick  (uses mouse movement or keyboard, selectable)
  • Resizable main window, also can rescale to best-fit aspect ratio on demand (press F8)
  • Speaker sound fully emulated as well as Passport MIDI and Mockingboard.  AE Phasor is partially working.
  • AE RamFactor support for up to 16 megabytes of ram.
  • Tweaked, tuned, and optimized to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing full speed
  • Configuration interface allows putting any type of supported card into any slot
  • NTSC color approximation -- see screenshots below
  • Alternate debugger rom (][DB) also selectable
  • Sourceforge home/download location: http://sourceforge




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