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Power20 is an emulator for the Commodore VIC-20. It allows you to run your favorite VIC-20 software on your Apple Macintosh (with PowerPC or intel-CPU (with Rosetta)) at full speed with smooth graphics and great sound.

Power20 emulates all important features of a real VIC-20 such as:

  • MOS 6502 CPU Emulation (incl. Illegal Opcodes)
  • VIC (Video/Sound IC) Emulation (Video: Scanline-Based, incl. all Video Modes; Complete Sound Emulation)
  • VIA Emulation (Timers, Interrupts)
  • Optional Original VIC-20 Keyboard Layout or Macintosh Keyboard Layout
  • Joystick (both via real USB Joystick and Keyboard mapping), Paddles and Lightpen emulated
  • Support for ROM Cartridge files.
  • CPU Level 1541 Floppy Disk Emulation. Can handle most fast-loaders and special floppy tricks.
  • ROM Level 1541 Disk Drive emulated (*.D64, *.X64 and ZipCode files supported) for fast and easy disk access.
  • Direct Access to Macintosh File System (both *.C64 and *.P00 files supported) Even ZIP-archives with collections of *.C64 and *.P00 files can easily be used just like a folder on a harddisk.
  • Tape Drive (Datasette) emulated (*.T64, Lynx and *.TAP files)
  • TapeDisk: *.T64 and Lynx files can also be used on disk drives
  • Automatic expansion of ZIP, GZ and LHA compressed Disk or Tape images. No need to expand compressed images from CD-ROM to harddisk. Just run them from the CD. Power20 can also write GZ files, saving space on the Mac HD.
  • Printer Emulation (Text only)

For maximal ease of use, Power20 features:

  • Support for OpenGL for smooth VIC-20 windows of arbitrary size with perfect filtering.
  • Screen dialogs and full documentation is available in English and German.
  • Drag & Drop mounting of Disks.
  • View the Directory of a Disk or Tape Drive. Load and run games with a simple double-click. No more typing BASIC commands.
  • Copy files between disks, tapes and the Mac harddisk using Drag & Drop.
  • Built in Monitor/Debugger for an inside view of VIC-20 code.
  • Cut & Paste makes it easy to 'type' long listings into the VIC-20.
  • Display the current VIC-20 keyboard layout on the screen to find graphics characters quickly.
  • Optional hidden menubar for maximal VIC-20 feeling
  • Run several VIC-20's at once
  • Balloon Help
  • Support for Apples Navigation Services

Note also that Power20:

  • Runs on any PowerPC or Intel Macintosh at 100% of the original VIC-20 Speed
  • Is a 'clean' Macintosh application that will work with most hard- and software add-ons
  • Is Shareware! You can download your free copy from this site. Power20 is fully functional, and that you can test it with your favorite games, but it is restricted to 10 minutes per session until you register.


Power20 - - Commodore VIC20 Emulator for the Apple Macinosh