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Elf is an open source RCS Elf / ComX-35 emulator.


  • Up to 64k of ram
  • 6 operating modes:
    • Standard - Operates like the elf project in Popular Electronics
    • Elf II - Operates like the Netronics Elf II system
    • Super Elf - Operates like the Quest Super Elf system
    • Studio II - Operates like the Studio II game console
    • ComX-35 - Operates like the ComX-35 computer. Thanks to Marcel van Tongeren for the technical info for this.
    • Cidelsa - Operates like the Cidelsa 1802 based arcade machine
  • Pixie Graphics - As described in Popular Electronics
  • VT-100 Terminal emulation - Works in Elf II Giant Board serial mode (Q and EF4)
  • IDE interface with 2 30mb drives
  • Rudimentary 6847 video controller support
  • Currenty runs on Unix/Linux, I have compiled this on windows, but it is a bit touchy
  • Includes source code (c)


Elf Emulator