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BKBTL - BK Back to Life! - a project of the computer emulation of the Soviet domestic BK-0010/BK-0011 , built on a 16-bit processor K1801VM1 compatible Instruction Set family PDP-11. The project was launched November 14, 2009. Based on code project UKNCBTL .

The project includes three branches that have different interface, but using a common core emulation:

BKBTL - Windows-version. Written under Win32 and requires support Unicode, so a set of versions of Windows - 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7.

QtBkBtl - Qt-version. Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. In the Qt-version does not support sound, no windows memory card, no support for external joystick, but otherwise the same opportunities.

SdlBkBtl - SDL-version emulator. While the device is aimed only at Dingoo A320, unfinished.

State of the emulator

Beta. Many games do not work. Drive more or less works in the configuration BC-0011M.

Supported configurations: BC-0010.01 + BASIC, BC-Fock 0010.01 + + tests, BC-0010.01 + drive, BC-0011M + tests, BC-0011M + drive.


  • 0010.01 BK and BK-0011M
  • Processor (791,401 test runs, the test is not 791 404)
  • Motherboard (part memory test is not 791 323)
  • screen - black and white, color, narrow mode, color mode palette BC-0011
  • Keyboard - PC-keyboard mapping for BK-keyboard depends on the switch RUS / LAT in BC (but not all razmapleny keys)
  • read from the tape (from the file format WAV), recording to tape (in WAV-file)
  • sound pezodinamika BC
  • Covox
  • joystick (press NumPad, external joystick)
  • IRPS on the registers .. 177,560 0,177,566 (only transfer data in the debug window) - used for test run
  • drive (more or less in the configuration BC-0011M)

Plan to do:

  • do the right processor interrupt system (yet done closer to BM2)
  • run of 791,404 and 791,323 tests, debugging of the machine on which
  • finish mapping the keyboard
  • programmable timer (to finish)
  • mouse
  • AY-3-8910