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PenkoDS is a MSX emulator for Nintendo DS. It is based on fMSX Marat Fayzullin. 

emulation speed is currently 75% on average (roughly 30-40% faster than the port of fMSX nyagosu I have taken over the management of the keyboard and joystick ).

Among the features are: 

  • A way to resize handle different resolutions MSX. 
  • Support DLDI
  • Support for Roms and discs 
  • Management's (with the same problems as CrocoDS)

Level use, simply copy the rom in the root directory or in the / roms / msx flash card, patching the patcher knots with DLDI and run this homebrew on your Nintendo DS

Try it with the version of msx bombjack of Kralizec or one of the releases MSXdev'06 .

One of the big bugs present is unable to reboot after inserting a disc MSX. (By cons, no reboot problem with the Roma). This version is an alpha version, so I expect all your comments to improve it.


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