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PC6001V is a Windows emulator to reproduce on the machine name of the PC-6001 series of yesteryear. 


Detailed description is not necessary. (Negligence)

Main Features

  • Emulates the PC-6001, 6001mk2, 6601 first 
  • image corresponding TAPE 
  • DISK image corresponding 
  • ROM image corresponding 
  • interrupt almost exact 
  • reproduction (forced) color output mode 4 
  • mode scan line 
  • display mode to fit 4:3 NTSC 
  • auto start of TAPE 
  • Fast LOAD TAPE 
  • TAPE monitor sound reproduction 
  • joystick support 
  • anywhere SAVE function 
  • voice synthesis (for the time being implemented) 
  • Replay 
  • video capture features 
  • automatic input from a text file function 
  • compatible cartridges Warrior (provisional)

Feature not implemented or implemented in the middle of

  • Special format DISK 
  • 2 Drive 
  • Monitor Mode (some implementations) 
  • SR correspondence 
  • ... etc.

Known Bugs

  • Incorrect operation of the sub CPU is 
  • noise on the sound 
  • speed of operation is not quite satisfactory accurate 
  • color reproduction is not accurate unsatisfactorily 
  • may fall suddenly 


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