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KC85EMU is an emulator for the home computer, the number KC85 from the VEB microelectronics "Wilhelm Pieck" Mühlhausen. In addition to the computers KC85 / 3 and / 4, it can also the great-KC HC900 (KC85 / 2) and the fully developed KC85 / 4 emulate with 256k RAM and KC-CAOS 4.5 (KC85 / 5). 

Runs he's under DOS Version 5.0 or DOS interface of Windows or OS 2 / 


  • 320x256, 320x480, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 video resolution 
  • 3% to 800% speed of the original KC85 
  • sound 
  • Full support of the KC-keyboard driver 
  • Joystick / joypad support (Game Port) 
  • Printer Support 
  • Export of pressure results in an RTF or text file 
  • Load / Save on tape 
  • long filename support 
  • Support for standard formats for KC85 files on PC 
  • KC85/3emulator for DOS Holger Köhler 
  • KC85 / 3 +4emulator for DOS by Arne Fitzenreiter 
  • kcemu for Windows by Michael Pfeifer Haftmann software 
  • BASICODE files in ASCII format 
  • automatic start of BASIC or BASICODE programs 
  • either use the built-in color or monochrome Bascoders


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