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Janus-UAE 1.2


Janus-UAE (short: j-uae) is a transparent (rootless) Amiga Emulator for the AROS Operating System, based on the original UAE by Bernd Schmidt and E-UAE 0.8.29-WIP4 by Richard Drummond (sf.net unix name uaedev)).


J-UAE 1.2 (15.05.2012)

There were some bug reports for v1.1, so this release tries to fix some of them:

  • J-UAE gui did not work well with updated Zune (commit r44336). For example, all memory selections were activated at the same time.
  • Slider gadgets in the gui are now working (save/load).
  • Opening the Amiga display on an own custom screen now does not open screen behind all other screens anymore.
  • When started from CLI, CLI is not closed anymore after exit.

J-UAE is now built with i386-aros-gcc 4.2.4.


janus-UAE | Free System Administration software downloads at SourceForge.net





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