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OrionZEmu 1.08


Emulator Version 1.08 (05.28.2012) home computer Orion-128, as described in the magazine Radio N1 in 1990., And modified by Z80 (Moscow and Leningrad Z80 Card Z80 Card II installation options Z80 in Orion), as well as modification of the Orion-PRO .

The program requires no installation, works in the current directory to be unpacked, the settings are stored in the file, the executable of the same name but with the extension INI.

As part of the emulator are distributed utility: HddUtil.exe, whereby under Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, you can create a file image of the sector-based HDD (as a whole, and a logical partition - partition as a whole (whole), and N sectors ); DiskUtil.exe (DiskUtil.zip) - ODI-creates images of floppy disks under Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista; OhiWcx OdiWcx - packer plugins for FarManager TotalCommander to work with file system, CP / M in ODI / OHI disk images . com0com - creates a virtual COM-ports are connected in pairs via serial connection (it is convenient to work with the emulator over RS-232). OpenVPN-TAP - creates a virtual Ethernet-adapter (TAP adapter) for the emulator.


Updated emulator:

  • add the emulation pages ROM-drive (64k pages switchable D0 .. D3 port 0FEh).


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