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PCSP 0.5.5


PCSP is a work in progress coded in C++ which allows psp emulation and can already run several commercial games.

To ease the archiving and launching of PSP games, some open source third party applications are proposed here :

pcsp-udb : this application acts as a database of PSP games you can consult, edit or launch (calling the external PCSP emulator).

pcsp-xmb : this application mimics a PSP XMB to launch a PSP game (calling the external PCSP emulator).

Informations regarding the PCSP emulator can be found at http://www.pcsp-emu.com


Although we are working hard with our new pspe4all emulator ( www.pspe4all.com ) i play a litle bit with pcsp in order to fix some very obvious bug that left behind.

One of them was some holes in the new VEH memory system that cause games , demos to crash. So here it is an update version of latest pcsp with fixed VEH and some other small fixes.

Project is also built with the latest QT 4.8.2 and vstudio 2010. I have included the vc 2010 runtime in case pcsp doesn't open.



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