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fixGB Alpha 0.7.1



This is still quite early in development so it cant do all that much, its essentially the GB version of my NES Emulator fixNES


If you want to check it out for some reason I do include a windows binary in the "Releases" tab, if you want to compile it go check out the "build" files.


You will need freeglut as well as openal-soft to compile the project, it should run on most systems since it is fairly generic C code.

Right now most standard GB titles using MBC1, 3 and 5 should work just fine and also save into standard .sav files.


Controls right now are keyboard only and do the following:

Y/Z is A

X is B

A is Start

S is select

Arrow Keys is DPad

Keys 1-9 integer-scale the window to number

P is Pause


That is all I can say about it right now, who knows if I will write some more on it.


fixGB Alpha v0.7.1 - Windows Build

  • added header CRC verification and correction when using GBC BIOS


GitHub - FIX94/fixGB: Yet Another GB Emulator



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