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no$psx 2.0


no$psx is a PlayStation emulator / debugger for Windows.


The Emulation should be complete with all hardware features fully implemented and working, though as by now it's tested with only a dozen of games, so there may be still some problems with other games (bug reports are welcome).


The BIOS is emulated via a BIOS-clone, which is free and faster than the original PSX-BIOS. There may be still some compatibilty issues (especially as most PSX games are applying patches the to original BIOS; the BIOS clone is reproducing known patches, but may fail on unknown ones). In case of problems, it may be recommended to use a copy of the original BIOS (with filename PSX-BIOS.ROM in no$psx folder).


CDROMs are supported via real CDROM drive, via complete disk images (in .NRG or .CUE+BIN format), via single-track images (.ISO files), or as raw executables (.EXE files).


Requirements are 1-2GHz, which is maybe not so fast (other PSX emulators are said to be working at 200MHz). CPU emulation is currently done on the fly (I might get that faster by using pre-compiled code in future versions). Rendering is done by software (I could maybe improve speed by adding dual core processor support) (another way would be using hardware acceleration, but my experiences are that this stuff isn't too pixel accurate, if it's working at all).


Debugging/Development functions include disassembler, debugger, breakpoints, assembler, I/O map viewer, VRAM viewer, polygon viewer, TTY console window, and complete PSX hardware specs.


There doesn't appear to be a change log provided with this release, will add it when discovered. Change log has now been discovered.


12 Aug 2017 no$psx v2.0:


  • help: added PAL/NTSC Color Mods chapter (with info for older and newer boards)
  • help: namco lightgun added U1 chip pinout & link to schematic (thanks nicolas)
  • help: namco lightgun added U2 chip part number (BA7071F aka sync separator)
  • help: scph-1150 notes: need delay, no rumble cfg cmds, different motor ctrl
  • help: scph-1150 notes: field of motion 00,00-FF,FF (unlike scph-1200/scph-110)
  • help: added/updated chipset/pinouts for scph-1150,scph-1180,scph-1200,scph-110
  • emu/reset/init: forces [104Ah].bit6-style joypad reset (needed for deathball)
  • bios clone: bugfixed chdir and findfirst functions (needed for deathball)
  • bios clone: workaround on edge-triggered cdrom irqs (needed for deathball)
  • bios clone: re-ordered cdrom cmd=setloc vs task=setloc (more reliable timing)
  • bios clone: forces param fifo clearing (after unsupported vcd/secret cmds)
  • bios clone: implemented screen centering option (formerly wasn't functional)
  • xplorer/help: lots of info on Xplorer db25 protocol, memory map, chipset, etc
  • datel/help: some more details on Datel db25 protocol, memory map, chipset, etc
  • xplorer/datel/help: added FLASH commands, chip IDs, board detection, etc.
  • help: chipless modchips chapter, with circuits/pinouts for pu-7 thru pm-41(2)
  • spu/emu: allows reverb-output with DISABLED reverb-writes (raw pcm playback)
  • spu/emu: supports MUTE flag from SPUCNT (mutes SPU audio, and also VCD audio)
  • cdrom/help: caution Unsupported GetQ,VCD,SecretUnlock do need clr param fifo
  • bios-clone: forces clearing param fifo (after SecretUnlock and VCD detection)
  • bios clone: increased joypad-slot-select-delay (needed for SCPH-1150)
  • bios clone: added video cd VCD software player (monochrome 10fps, 11kHz mono)
  • bios clone: uses compression for GUI and VCD player (for 128Kbyte expansion)
  • bios clone: uses tighter flush cache code (with loop instead of unrolled loop)
  • cdrom loader: fixed crash upon newer .nrg files (those with "CUEX" chunks)
  • vcd/help: specs for VCD format (iso, mpeg, mp2) (still lacks lowlevel details)
  • vcd/help: added pinout and component list for scph-5903 (video cd console)
  • mdec/help: q_scale=0 disables zagzig (can be useful for raw YUV-to-RGB)
  • mdec/help: added note on EOB not being required after full blocks
  • mdec/emu: reproduces zagzig-disable, and eob being not required on full blocks
  • gpu/help: added GPU Versions chapter (all known old 160-pin gpu differences)
  • card/help: updated Memory Card Notes (vmem, yaroze, compression, etc.)
  • cdrom/help: added description for "cu2/bin files" (psio cdrom-image format)
  • gui: fixed window positions/fullscr when taskbar at upper/left (thanx joseph)
  • mips/mem: emulates main ram waitstates for unaligned mem (lwl/swl/lwr/swr)
  • expansion/kernel: added installer functions in menu, utility, remote access
  • expansion/kernel: new nocash bios clone version for xplorer and datel carts
  • expansion/emu: prevents flash commands to destroy memory at 2AAAh/5555h
  • xplorer: supports Xplorer on 80x86 side (for PC parallel port to PSX) (xboo)
  • xplorer: supports Xplorer on MIPS side (in expansion version of bios clone)
  • gpu/help: added pinouts for old 160-pin GPU, dual-ported VRAM, and RGB chips
  • poc/help: added details on garbage_byte for memory areas without ldrb support
  • poc/help: memory access times for ram/flash arm/thumb opcode/data reads
  • poc/help: when rtc paused: rtc irq fires at 4096Hz (instead 1Hz)
  • bios/mem: dynamically allocates psx bios (allows sizes bigger than 512Kbyte)
  • mips/cop: somewhat emulates breakflags in bit0/bit1 of DCIC cop0r7 register
  • snapshot: faster compression (omits large zerofilled areas from look-up-tree)
  • gpu: fixed crash on NTSC-auto-center in .INI file (pic.ysiz=0) (thanx ricardo)
  • help: added info on joy_mode.bit8 being clk polarity (thanx charles macdonald)







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