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#CSpect 2.11.1


#CSpect ZXSpectrum emulator by Mike Dailly.

Be aware...emulator is far from well tested, and might crash for any reason - sometimes just out of pure spite!






Windows - You will need the latest .NET, and openAL ( https://www.openal.org/downloads/ )

Linux - You will need the full MONO (on ubuntu do "apt-get install mono-devel" )

OSX - You will need the latest mono from https://www.mono-project.com/


NXtel release

NXtel is written by SevenFFF / Robin Verhagen-Guest and is (c) Copyright 2018,2019, all rights reserved, and released under the GPL3 License.

(See license here:https://github.com/Threetwosevensixseven/NXtel/blob/master/LICENSE).

Latest versions can be found here: https://github.com/Threetwosevensixseven/NXtel/releases.


Command Line Options

-zxnext = enable Next hardware registers
-nextrom = enable the Next ROM ("enNextZX.rom" and "enNxtmmc.rom" required)
-zx128 = enable ZX Spectrum 128 mode
-s7 = enable 7Mhz mode
-s14 = enable 14Mhz mode
-s28 = enable 28Mhz mode
-exit = to enable "EXIT" opcode of "DD 00"
-brk = to enable "BREAK" opcode of "DD 01"
-esc = to disable ESCAPE exit key (use exit opcode, close button or ALT+F4 to exit)
-cur = to map cursor keys to 6789 (l/r/d/u)
-8_3 = set filenames back to 8.3 detection
-mmc=<dir or file>= enable RST $08 usage, must provide path to "root" dir of emulated SD card (eg "-mmc=." or "-mmc=c:test")
-sd2=<pathfile> = Second SD card image file
-map=<pathfile> = SNASM format map file for use in the debugger. format is: "<16bit address> <physical address> <type> <primary_label>[@<local>]"
-sound = disable sound
-joy = disable joysticks
-w<size> = set window size (1 to 4)
-r = Remember window settings (in "cspect.dat" file, just delete the file to reset)
-16bit = Use the logical (16bit) addresses in the debugger only
-60 = 60Hz mode
-fullscreen = Startup in fullscreen mode
-vsync = Sync to display (for smoother scrolling when using "-60 -sound", but a little faster)
-com="COM?:BAUD" = Setup com port for UART. i.e. -com="COM5:115200". if not set, coms will be disabled.
-stop = Start in the debugger.
-log_cpu = Log the CPU status out
-basickeys = Enable Next BASIC key interface (F10 toggles)
-tv = Enable the TV shader (or CTRL+F1)


This update is to add in (most) of the new hardware/registers that the latest Spectrum Next firmware has added - along with the new OS which uses some of it. There are some amazing advancements in this firmware. 14Mhz CPU speed all the time, 28Mhz copper and 14Mhz DMA, along with things like smooth scrolling the ULA screen. Brilliant update from the Next team.


#CSpect V2.11.1 changes

  • Fixed extra pixel in wrapping scroll of ULA
  • Fixed label on/off
  • Fixed lowres vertex clip "smear


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