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DOSBox-X 0.83.0


DOSBox-X is a fork of the original DOSBox project (www.dosbox.com).




  • Added mt32.romdir dosbox.conf configuration option for users who store the MT32 ROMs elsewhere other than the current working directory.
  • Configuration GUI settings menu is now vertically divided to ensure that it fits on the screen even if the window is at minimum size.
  • PC-98 GDC status fixed to follow the explicit definition of one bit as hblank and the other as vsync instead of carrying over VGA port 3DAh mstyle logic of hblank/vblank vs vsync. This fixes the BPS logo scanline effects in PC-98 game 'frontier-universe-bps-neo-kobe-pc98-ia'
  • Added dosbox.conf option to select between two known behaviors in PC-98 mode regarding the PC speaker and the PIT timer. The default behavior follows the newer hardware, the alternate setting is for older games written against the PC-9801 behavior.
  • Added dosbox.conf option nocachedir which, when set, instructs MOUNT to automatically act as if -nocachedir were given.
  • Linux/X11 SDL1 builds fixed not to issue resize commands to the window to avoid fighting the window manager. This prevents "spastic resizing" under Gnome 3 in Centos 8.
  • Source tree now includes build script for Linux users who prefer Clang/LLVM over GCC.


GitHub - joncampbell123/dosbox-x: DOSBox-X fork of the DOSBox project





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