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Altirra 3.90 Test 28




  • Emulates the Atari 400/800, 1200XL, 600/800XL, 130XE, XEGS, and 5200 systems.
  • Full, cycle-exact emulation of all documented hardware features.
  • Best-in-class emulation accuracy of undocumented hardware behavior, including undocumented 6502 instructions, precise DMA timing, mid-screen register changes, hardware bugs, and cycle-precise timer IRQs.
  • Support for most popular 8-bit image file formats: ATR, ATX, ATZ, DCM, XFD, PRO, ARC, BAS, ROM, BIN, A52, CAS, SAP.
  • Contains reimplemented versions of OS, BASIC, and handler ROMs to run 8-bit software with high compatibility without needing Atari ROMs.
  • Emulation of over three decades of hardware expansions, including memory expansions, cartridge expansions, Parallel Bus Interface (PBI) devices, modems, and 65C02/65C816 accelerators.
  • Accurate emulation of multiple disk drive types with options for accelerated disk loads, realistic disk timing, and drive sounds.
  • Flexible display with Direct3D/OpenGL acceleration, aspect ratio options, easy resizing, and artifacting support.
  • Audio and video recording, cheat trainer, DOS disk explorer with drag-and-drop, and text mode copy/paste.
  • Powerful debugger with label decoding, source-level stepping, conditional breakpoints/tracepoints, watchpoints, execution history with loop/call/interrupt folding, and profiling.
  • Native Windows UI with theme support, per-monitor high DPI support, file associations, and DirectInput/XInput controllers.
  • Both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) versions available.


  • AltirraOS updated to 3.25 with a fix for screen memory corruption above RAMTOP.
  • Percom AT-88 emulation support. (This will not work for AT88-S1PD or AT88-SPD firmware... but if you have one of those I am keenly interested.)
  • 6809 emulation fixes for TST direct and CWAI instructions and with interrupt nesting in history traces.
  • Fixed a bug with bogus FDC interrupts from Force Interrupt commands that was breaking the AT-88.
  • Custom device updates:
    • .atdevice format rewritten because I couldn't stand JSON anymore. It is now completely script format based, which means no more goofy workarounds for quoting and hex constants and being able to write inline scripts naturally. Any existing .atdevice scripts will have to be rewritten. Spec and samples have been updated.
    • Added support for conditional script compilation, which allows debug read and non debug read handlers to use the same script with annotations.


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