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PC6001VX 3.4.0


PC6001VX is a fork of Yumitaro's PC6001V NEC PC-6001 emulator geared towards Linux & Unix like operating with the added bonus being compilable for Windows.


3.4.0 2020

  • This time it is a small function addition about the handling of the tape image.
  • I think that CSAVE is rarely used by the emulator, but on PC6001V and VX, CSAVE tapes are saved under the file name "_csave.p6t" separately from the tape used for CLOAD.
  • Previously, it was assumed that after CSAVE was completed manually, _csave.p6t was renamed to an appropriate name, moved and stored, but on Android, the emulator is supported as well as the previously supported snapshot If you do not, you can not take the file out of the sandbox, so we added an export function.
  • For non-Android devices such as Windows, a normal file save dialog opens and you can save by entering the save location and file name.


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