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SSF Preview Version R16 2020-04-05




SSF is an emulator that reproduces Sega's consumer machine "Sega Saturn" and its compatible machines on a personal computer. Although it is still under development, it is reproduced as it is.


Hardware requirments (minimum specification)


  • OS
    • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • CPU
    • CPU with FPU, MMX, SSE, SSE2
  • Memory
    • 256MB or more
  • Video
    • DirectX11 compatible card
    • FeatureLevel 10.0 is required for software rendering
    • FeatureLevel 11.0 is required for GPU rendering
    • 1024x512 or 1024x1024 texture needs to be created
  • Sound
    • cards that support DirectX11
    • 44100Hz, stereo PCM must be playable
  • CD drive
    • MMC3 compatible drive


Hardware requirments (recomended specification)

  • CPU
    • Core i9 series
    • Core i7 series
    • Core i5 series
    • Ryzen series
    • FX series
  • Memory
    • 512MB or more (dual channel or more)
  • Other
    • BIOS


About installation and uninstallation

There is no need to install it. Simply extract the compressed file to a suitable folder.

Uninstalling simply deletes the deployment folder.

The registry is not used.


About BIOS file


The BIOS needs to be extracted out of the actual machine.

Saves addresses 00000000 to 0007FFFF from Pro Action Replay that can be connected to a PC.

The file name is arbitrary.

It works without BIOS, but compatibility is lost.


About backup RAM


When a new backup RAM file (InternalBackupRAM.bin or ExternalBackupRAM.bin) is created, the backup RAM is uninitialized.

Initialize on the saved data management screen.

If you do not initialize, you may not be able to save in the game.

If there is no BIOS, there is no need to initialize.


About the configuration file

The first launch game uses SSF.ini settings.

So SSF.ini is the default value.

SSF.ini can be set when starting with no disk. Setting.ini is a preset.

The settings of the game once started are saved in the Setting folder (settings are saved for each game).

The setting does not change even if you replace it with a different game during startup.

SSF.ini and Setting.ini do not guarantee compatibility between versions.

Items and setting values ​​may change.

Moreover, since it is a text file, it can be rewritten directly.

As a function that cannot be set in the options dialog,

Change [Program1]-> DisableInput to 0-Accept input even when window has no focus

[Program4]-> 68000Type changed to 1-white saturn (reproduces bugs such as initial outrun, space harrier)

Change [Program4]-> ShowRegister to 1-Display SH2,68000, SCU-DSP, SCSP slot register values [SSFV]-for recording
[Other]-> DateFlag is changed to 0-The internal clock of Saturn is not set (Time setting screen is displayed. Only with BIOS)
If there is no BIOS, it will remain 0 even if it is executed, but some software will not work unless it is changed to 1.
[Input]-> VariableRapid-Variable firing width of each terminal and port (variable at + n / 60 seconds at random)
And so on.




Keyboard or pad can be used.


Default is
UP = UP Arrow
A TRG = Z key
B TRG = X key
C TRG = C key
X TRG = S key
Y TRG = D key
Z TRG = F key
L TRG = A key
R TRG = G key
START = Enter key


The following cannot be changed


CD Open = F1 key
CD Close = F2 key
Hard Reset = F4 key
ON / OFF switching of continuous fire = F5 key
Sound ON / OFF switch = F6 key
State Load = F7 key
State Save = Shift + F7 key
Snapshot = F8 key
Sound Record = F9 key
Video Record = Shift + F9 key
Borderless switching = F12 key
NBG0 display ON / OFF switch = NUMPAD 1 key (1 on numeric keypad)
NBG1 display ON / OFF switch = NUMPAD 2 key (2 on the numeric keypad)
NBG2 display ON / OFF switch = NUMPAD 3 key (3 on the numeric keypad)
NBG3 display ON / OFF switch = NUMPAD 4 key (4 on the numeric keypad)
RBG0 display ON / OFF switch = NUMPAD 5 key (5 on numeric keypad)
RBG1 display ON / OFF switching = NUMPAD 6 key (6 on the numeric keypad)
Sprite display ON / OFF switch = NUMPAD 7 key (7 on numeric keypad)
Screen rotation = NUMPAD 0 key (0 on numeric keypad)
Swap ABC and XYZ buttons = NUMPAD 9 key (9 on the numeric keypad)
Window size change = NUMPAD + key (+ on numeric keypad)
Windows mouse cursor display ON / OFF = NUMPAD-key (numeric keypad-)
Toggle Fullscreen = Alt + Enter key
End = ESC key


The following cannot be changed (ST-V related)


1P Start = 1 key
2P Start = 2 key
3P Start = 3 key
4P Start = 4 key
Coin1 = 5 key
Coin2 = 6 key
Coin3 = 7 key
Coin4 = 8 key
TEST = 9 key
SERVICE = 0 key
A ~ N = A ~ N key (Mahjong Panel)
Kang = Ctrl key (Mahjong Panel)
Pong = Alt key (Mahjong Panel)
Qi = Space key (Mahjong Panel)
Reach = Shift key (Mahjong Panel)
Ron = Z key (Mahjong Panel)
The 2P side is not keyed by default. You can use it after setting the key.
Do not check the Scanline Base Timing option when recording in a single-core environment.
If Shift is pressed immediately after starting SSF, it switches to ST-V.
Similarly, pressing Space will temporarily reduce 1Block Clock to 60%.
Similarly, if Ctrl is pressed, BIOS use ON / OFF is temporarily switched.
Similarly, if you hold down the Alt key, GPU rendering will be turned ON / OFF temporarily.
Similarly, when Tab is pressed, ON / OFF of the object cache is temporarily switched.
Similarly, pressing 1 to 5 switches the setting (corresponds to [Setting1] to [Setting5] in the Setting.ini file).


Description of options


[Peripheral Tab]

  • Saturn BIOS
    • Specify the Saturn BIOS file.
    • Saturn's operation is possible without BIOS, but compatibility is lost.
    • Specify the ST-V BIOS file.
    • BIOS is required for ST-V operation.
  • CD Drive
    • Select the CD drive to use.
  • Cartridge
    • Select the cartridge to insert into the expansion slot.
  • Area Code
    • Select the area code.
  • Data Cartridge
    • When enabled, the specified file is read into the ABUS-CS0 area. Although it is an option for reading a data cartridge, operation has not been confirmed.
  • CD Image
    • If enabled, a CD image file will be used. The supported format is CUE + BinaryImage.


[Screen Tab]

  • Scanline
    • Check this to enable the scan line.
    • Disable Fullscreen Scanline
    • Check this to disable the scan line when the screen is full.
  • Auto Field Skip
    • Check this item to automatically adjust the speed.
    • The adjustment is in field (1/60 second) units, not in frame units.
    • Therefore, afterimages may remain in interlaced games.
    • If it is slow even after checking, the machine power is not enough.
  • Enforce Aspect Ratio (Window)
  • Enforce Aspect Ratio (Fullscreen)
    • Check this item to forcibly set the Saturn aspect ratio.
  • Wide Screen
    • Check this item to display a wide screen (16: 9).
  • VSynch Wait (Window)
  • VSynch Wait (Fullscreen)
    • Check this item to switch the screen after waiting for VSynch when the screen is full.
  • Fixed Window Resolution
    • Check this item to disable switching of the window resolution.
    • The Saturn maximum resolution window is displayed and the effective screen is displayed in the center.
  • Fixed Fullscreen Resolution
    • Check this item to stop switching the resolution at full screen.
  • Bilinear Filtering
    • Check this item to enable bilinear filtering.
  • Full Size
    • Check this item to enlarge the Saturn screen until either the vertical or horizontal display resolution is reached on the full screen.


No change-log has been provided with this release.


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